Mobius Mini V2 Full HD Action Camera Groothoek lens set (Lens B)


Mobius-Cam: Page is now updated for the newest model!

The Mobius mini model has been updated to a version 2, that does not look like the one on the photo. I am using windows 10, and the software for configurating the camera can only be used for win7. Trying to edit the .cfg file instead, and flashing the camera with it, I could not get the time lapse function working. I assume the picture quality is similar to version 1.

Mobius-Cam: We are so sorry for this. The Product page has been updated for the V2.

For the software msetup.exe, it can be used on windows 10 without problems. In fact we use it everyday on windows 10. Please contact us for any help!
Datum toegevoegd: 10/03/2019 door Peter