Runcam Thumb with 3D mount

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Runcam Thumb - Ultra lightweight Full-HD camera

The Runcam thumb is an Ultra Lightweight and super small Full HD camera. The Runcam Thumb records in Full HD with 60 frames per seconds.

Runcam Thumb

Super small, easy to mount on all kinds of places

With dimensions of 13 x 52 x 19mm, the Runcam Thumb is even smaller than the little finger of an adult men.  

This camera is perfectly suited for applications where you have limited space to mount a camera. As an example here you see the Runcam Thumb mounted on a very small drone, but use your imagination and mount it on anything you want. 

RunCam thumb, very small!

Gyroflow support - stabilize your footage in post

This camera can store gyroscope and accelerometer data on the SD card while recording. This data can be used to stabilize images afterwards, so that your shots look super smooth. For this you use the incredibly beautiful and free software Gyroflow.

For more information about the software, please visit

Gyro Flow support

Comes with an ND16 filter

Because the Runcam thumb has no aperture, only the shutter speed and iso are adjusted to properly expose the images. This gives you very high shutter speeds in bright sunlight, which translates into visible jello effects on the recorded image. The RunCam thumb is therefore supplied with an ND 16 filter as standard. If the sun shines bright, we recommend that you mount it!

ND 16 filter Runcam Thumb

Easy to use, power supply via external 5V

The Runcam thumb is super easy to use. To keep the weight of the camera as low as possible, the camera does not have a built-in battery. The camera is powered via an external 5V power supply, for example from a flight controller of a drone or aircraft or by a homemade power adapter for custom projects.

Easy to use Runcam ThumbOverview

Super easy operation

The camera is made to be as easy as possible to operate. Connect it to a 5v power supply and the camera will start up automatically. Then briefly press the power/shutter button to start recording. If successful, you will see the red LED flash slowly. Press the power/shutter button again to stop recording. The LED will now be solid red.

You can easily configure the camera via a configuration file on the SD card.

What do you get when buying the Runcam Thumb camera?Runcam Thumb camera? 

  • 1x Runcam Thumb camera
  • 1x screws pack
  • 1x 2 pins power supply cable
  • 1x micro usb cable
  • 1x mount
  • 1x ND16 filter
  • 1x manual

Runcam Thumb contents

Technical specifications of the Runcam Thumb

  • Resolution: 1080P @ 60FPS
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Gyro: Built-in
  • Communication Interface: Micro USB
  • Maximal supported SD card capacity: 128GB
  • Power Consumption: 280mA @ 5V
  • Dimensions: 52mm * 13mm * 19mm
  • Weight: 9.8 gram
  • Model: THUMB-3DMOUNT
  • Shipping Weight: 95gr
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