RunCam Scope Cam 4K (40mm) airsoft cam

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Now even more powerfull! The RunCam scopecam 4K is in many ways the same as the RunCam scopecam lite, but utilizes a more powerful chipset resulting in higher recording resolutions with higher fps! The maximum recording capabilities of the RunCam scopecam 4K is 4K with 30FPS. In 1080P, you can record with 120 FPS, while this is only 60FPS on the RunCam Scopecam Lite. Awesome for making some impressive slowmotion's!  

The RunCam Scope Cam 4k is constructed out of strong black plastic. The runcam scope cam lite has a piece of hardened glass in front of the lens to make sure that the lens cannot be damaged during your skirm. The hardened glass is easily and affordable replaceable. The mount for you replica is an integral part of the airsoft camera itself. No more hassle with seperate mounts and the look of the runcam scope cam is awesome!

Max 4K 30FPS | Integrated Mount | High quality plastic | horizontal mountable| Lens protector from hardened glass | WiFi + app for IOS and Android | Changeable Battery | Possible to power with external power supply (DC 5-17V)

With the Runcam Scope Cam 4k for airsoft it is possible to record your airsoft skirms in 4k 30FPS max. Other resolutions and framerates are off course also possible, like 2.7K @ 60FPS, 1080P with 120, 100, 60 or 50 FPS and 720P with 240 FPS! The scope cam is both on top or under (horizontal) mountable to your replica. Thanks to the built-in Wifi it is very easy to make settings to your airsoft camera or see your live image by using your Android or IOS device (Free app by runcam!).

The RunCam Scope Cam 4k has a changeable battery and can also be powered by using an external power supply like a powerbank through the usb port. The usb port accepts DC 5 - 17V. 

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  • 1x RunCam Scope Cam 4K with 40mm Lens
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x battery
  • 1x Handleiding

Technical specifications of the RunCam Scope Camera 4K airsoft camera with 40mm lens

  • Model: RunCam Scope Cam 4K
  • Best recording distance for the 40mm lens: 30 - 70 meter 
  • Video resolution:  4K @ 30 FPS / 2.7K @ 60FPS / 1080p @ 120 FPS /  1080p @ 100 FPS / 1080p @ 60 FPS / 1080P @ 50FPS / 720p @  240FPS 
  • Video format: MP4
  • Communication interface: Micro USB
  • Maximum supported SD card: 128GB
  • Batterij capacity: 850 mAh
  • USB power Input: DC 5 - 17V
  • Current consumption: 450mA @ 5V 
  • Netto weight: 96 gram (with battery) / 82 gram (without battery)


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  • Model: RC-SCOPECAM4K-L40
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  • EAN: 7445919856899
  • Manufactured by: Runcam

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