USB Charge Cable 3 meter

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Suitable for:
Mobius 1
Mobius 2
Mobius Maxi
Mobius Mini

If you are planning to use your Mobius Action Camera as a dash cam, you need to feed it with an external power source to record longer than 80 minutes with the built-in lipo.

USB cables that are too short are not easily hidden behind car panel parts and are dangling constantly in sight. That's why we sell a car usb cable of 3 meters!  Thanks to the length you can easily hide the cable behind car panel parts. All 3 meter usb cables are suppliers with selfsticky cableholders to facilitate easy mounting and routing of the cable. 

Note: This cable is specially produced for the Mobius Action Camera's. If you want to use this cable with other devices, please make sure that Pin 1 is +5V and Pin 6 is GND. If you are not sure, please contact us so we can help you! 

Characteristics of the USB Chargecable 3 meter

  • Total length of 3 meter
  • Comes with selfsticky cableholders. 
  • Suited to use your Mobius Action camera as a dash cam and hide the cable.
  • Model: A-3MUSB
  • Shipping Weight: 75gr
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  • EAN:
  • Manufactured by: Mobius

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