RunCam 4 Airsoft Version (35mm lens)

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Discontinued. Find your alternatives in our list of other airsoft cam's

The Runcam 4 airsoft version with 35mm lens is discontinued by Runcam. 

As an alternative we recommend the Runcam2 airsoft version with 35mm lens.

The Runcam 4 airsoft version is an airsoft camera from Runcam with a maximal recording resolution of 4k at 30fps. The Runcam 4 airsoft version comes with a convenient mount and rail adapter for your replica from strong black metal. This way you can mount the Runcam 4 in no time at your airsoft replica. The camera is colored black and so are the mounts, so it has a great look combined with your airsoft stuff. The camera can be taken out of the mount easily. This way you can also use the camera for other shots than only from your rifle. The Runcam 4 airsoft version is an ideal companion to capture your airsoft skirms!

4K @ 30fps | 2.7K @ 60FPS | 1080 @ 100FPS | Very small form factor! | Replaceable Lens | Non integrated mount | Only mountable horizontal (on the top or on the bottom) | Easily settable lens | WiFi + app voor IOS and Android | Changeable Battery | Can be used with an external voltage source like a Powerbank (DC 5-15V)

The RunCam 4 AirSoft Version can record in maximum 4K 30FPS, but can also be set to lower resolutions with higher framerates, e.g. 2.7K @ 60fps, 1080 @ 100fps, etc. The camera can only be mounted horizontal with the supplied mount (on the top or the bottom). The image of the Runcam 4 airsoft camera can be rotated 180 degrees by using the app. Also all kinds of other settings can be set using the free Android or IOS app. Just connect your Runcam Airsoft camera with WiFi to your mobile device and open the app! 

The RunCam 4 Airsoft cam features a replaceable battery and can also be powered by an external USB connection. The USB plug accepts DC 5 - 15V, so you can use a powerbank or lipo to charge the camera while in use! 

RunCam 4 Airsoft Version RunCam Airsoft Version RunCam 4 Airsoft Version RunCam Airsoft Version RunCam 4 Airsoft Version RunCam Airsoft VersionRunCam Airsoft Version


  • 1x RunCam 4 AirSoft Version with 35mm lens
  • 1x Metal mount
  • 1x Rail Adapter
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Manual

Technical specifications of the RunCam 4 AirSoft Version with 35mm lens

  • Model: RunCam 4 AirSoft Version
  • Field of View (FOV): 145 degrees
  • Optimal distance: 16 mm lens, 10 - 30 meter / 35mm lens, 20 - 60 meter / 50mm lens, 30 - 100 meter
  • Sensor Resolution: 8 MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K@30fps / 2.7K@60fps / 1080p@100fps / 1080p@60fps / 1080p@50fps / 1080p@30fps / 720p@200fp
  • Video fileformat: MP4
  • Communication interface: Micro USB / Micro HDMI
  • Maximum supported SD card size: 64GB
  • Image Flip (Manual/Auto): 180 degrees rotation
  • Dimensions: 81mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 21mm (H)
  • Battery capacity: 850 mAh
  • USB power Input: DC 5 - 15V
  • Current consumption: < 600mA @ 5V (3 Watt)
  • Nett weight (with battery): 66 gram 


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This camera is adjusted to approximately 100 meters, but you can adjust the focus for shorter distances manually. works very good, alltough a runcam...