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With this smart Helmet Mount you can get your Mobius Action Camera easily attached to different types of helmets in various ways. You can rotate your Mobius 360 degrees around his axis and change the angle 180 degrees when mounted on our Helmet Mount, this way you can always capture your images from the best angle. The mount is designed in such a way that you can mount your Mobius camera on the top or on the side of your helmet. This way you don't need to loosen your Mobius Cam everytime to detach it from your helmet. 

The Helmet Mount can be placed on all kinds of helmets. The 3M VHB layer is so strong adhesive that if you decide to use the 3M layer you don't need the adjustable velcro strap anymore!   

Features of the Helmet Mount

  • Lots of adjustment options, can be mounted on any helmet. The camera can rotate 360 degrees and the angle is 180 degrees adjustable. 
  • 3M VHB adhesive layer. Very strong adhesive and dampens vibrations (but still removable!) 
  • Two adjustable velcro straps. When you use the 3M VHB layer these are not necessary.
  • Can be mounted both on top and on the side of a helmet, just what suits better or give a better shooting angle.
  • Model: A-HELMMOUNT
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  • Manufactured by: Mobius

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